My Heart

IMG_1398---Copy This little girl is the whole reason I do what I do, without all the work I did taking pictures of her for her page on Facebook, I probably wouldn't have this business. She is truly an inspiration to me and I love her to pieces! Today was her first day of 2nd Grade, as I dropped her off at school, I thought of this day one year ago. She's never been away from me for very long and last year at this time, I was a train wreck!! Today was a total different story, she loves school and couldn't wait to get in the door!

This photo was taken this past weekend at the beach while waiting for a session. She was so full of life, running and playing and she stopped for me to grab this shot, the rest are of her frolicking around in the water! So happy this little girl is mine and I have the privilege everyday to call myself her mother!