Little Blessings!

IMG_9558fb IMG_9583fb IMG_9598fb IMG_9656fb IMG_9808fb IMG_9878fb IMG_9931fb Stayed awake half the night thinking of what I wanted to say in my blog about this special family! Well, let me try to get through it without crying!

You may not know this, but this couple, B (Brandon) and his amazing wifey Crissy, are two of the most inspiring people I know. I love them, but I don't even think they know that! We've not ever become close, but I watch from a distance and have for 4 years. We talk about once a year.  Four years ago, they were pregnant with an amazing little girl, born at just (as I can remember) 23 weeks. Crissy sent many many emails out to keep in touch with anyone wanting to know how things were with little Addison Grace. As I read every single email message, I sat and cried my eyes out! It was so hard to read, because I had 5 perfect children, and she was HAPPY with the one she was given, she never complained, she never said, WHY ME? You see Addison has cerebral palsy, and I don't know much about it, but to me it seems very severe and devastating. I couldn't imagine any of the things she talked about, not even a little! I felt so guilty and sad, I cried, I prayed. How could she not be bitter? I had a million questions! They never seemed depressed or had a second thought about all the surgeries and weeks in the hospital! How can they be so strong and be so happy, I just didn't understand why this had to happen. But, you see, it's not about my unanswered questions or what I or anyone else thinks or how we feel! God made them a special family, and gave them a special little girl to love forever!!! Now they have extended their family, with the birth of Ashton Taylor, yesterday. I felt SO blessed and honored to be a part of this day with them. I had a million emotions as I know many people did!!! Me of all people, not a close friend, just someone watching from afar, admiring them and what they do and the people and parents that they are! I was chosen to document this day! And for that, I want to tell them Thank You for sharing your day with me and I hope that we do become closer! May you continue to be blessed beyond measure!!!