New Changes to TMP :)

I just want to take a minute to say a huge Thank You to Michele Celentano for her amazing class. I have learned more in 3 days than I every could imagine. She's an amazing photographer that has taken the time to share her knowledge with all photographers. Creating an entirely different outlook of what I am doing for a living. I already knew I loved this business more than I ever thought I could, but with her help, I realized there's much more to what I am doing. Please check out my "About page" and scroll to the "Investment" section to learn of our new changes. The biggest change is that I'll no longer be offering cd's as an option, and now offering print packages. The value of a print is much more than an image on a cd, lost in the computer or in a drawer.

Which reminds me that several clients have mentioned that they hate cd's for this exact reason.

I have much more to work into this wonderfully amazing business, and cannot wait to speak to each of you about all the new changes!