Brooke & Gil, A Thousand Years of Love | NC Wedding Photography

They say opposites attract, Brooke's a little shy, Gil is NOT, like at all!! They are both so full of life and love that people just want to know them. I know that I am so happy that these people have come into my life, more for the fact that we are now great friends than anything else. Brooke is becoming an amazing photographer and I'm excited that she's now one of my main helpers. I'm looking forward to many years with this family. Enough about me!!! On to the good stuff, Brook and Gil have this amazing connection, that can be seen in every photo of them together. I know I'm not the only one that can see this either! Their love is strong and will definitely stand the test of time! I'm a grateful lady to have met this entire's to 1000 years of love and happiness to you all! Cheers...and Enjoy!

Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment or share if you like it. And you know I had to get my picture taken with these two lovebirds!! Glad I did, because this last one is priceless in my eyes and I'll be printing it! xxx-ooo love you both very much!