Our Style is simply that, the way we see your day. Not every cinematographer is the same and we don't want to be the same as others. We hope that you've seen our samples and love what we create, a lifestyle approach is our favorite.

What is a "lifestyle" wedding or family video like?  Moments.  Natural moments.  That is probably the best way to describe our style of wedding videos. We love catching moments that are natural and very real throughout your wedding. While we use cinematic techniques when filming, the real drive behind our films are to let you see your day the way it happened: the laughing, the tears, the details, and everything in between.  We have a full appreciation for strictly cinematic films, and they really are wonderful, but we love using natural moments instead of posed much more throughout our videos.

Wedding Video

Do you travel for weddings? Yes! While we are based out of North Carolina, but we are willing to travel...filming love stories and connecting with people from so many different walks of life. We are more than happy to travel anywhere in our great state of North Carolina, however if you're going out of the country or state, give us a call, let's chat!

When will you show up to film?  This will usually be discussed beforehand.  Depending on the length of your preparations throughout the day, we want to arrive as early as possible.  However, since the payments can only cover a certain amount of hours, it may be necessary to arrive at a specific time so we can cover the entire wedding and reception.  For example, if you have paid for 8 hours of shooting, and your reception ends 10, we could not begin filming until 2 or so.  However there may also be times that we are easily able to arrive earlier and will start filming without an additional charge.  This can all be discussed, and hourly charges will only be incurred if it is longer than the initially agreed time.

What do you film? Hopefully you have seen a sample highlight video from a previous wedding or family session. Please keep in mind that not all weddings or family sessions are the same, so we may not be able to provide the exact same shots as seen in a sample video. We'll do our very best to provide beautiful coverage for your special day! This is something we'll go over in your video questionnaire as well.


How long will it take to edit?  While it would be nice to be able to give a specific time range, weddings can differ greatly.  We find that you can expect 1-2 months for a wedding film, and 3-4 months for the full video if you choose to have one.  If we are lucky, the time may be much quicker than this.  However, there are lots of factors that determine just how long the editing process ends up taking!

What's included in a Highlight Film? You'll receive a 3-5 Minute Highlight Film (for a wedding), but we may find that we simply cannot leave something out and end up making the film longer. We are not able to guarantee a certain length, but it will be as long as needed to tell your story. Lifestyle films are typically 1-3 Minutes.

Can we pick the music for our video?  We wish we could say yes, but unfortunately, it isn't that easy.  For our online highlights videos, we must legally purchase licenses for the songs.  However, we use two websites: TheMusicBed.com and SongFreedom.com to select our music, and if you would like, you may look through these websites to give us a few options.  If you do decide to do this, we ask that you would give us a decent sized list of songs, so that we may still chose a song that matches well with the look and feel that we are going for in your video!  Or, you can leave the song selection process up to us, and we will take care of it!

How much does it cost? Each video is different in it's own unique way. That being said, please give us a call or email for more information on cost. Our basic wedding package begins at $1750 and the basic family lifestyle film $600.